Top 12 Ways to Make Money Online in India 2020 ( Without Scam, No Investment )

You-can-make- millions-Online-make-money-online
You-can-make- millions-Online-make-money-online

Making Money online is not an easy task unless you are helped by an expert one.
So, In this article, I will disclose all the methods that I used to make money online. It took me around 6 months to learn the basic ABC of writing, as well as content marketing and website building. The time I was learning, I had zero earnings at that time.

If you are searching for magic then I must tell you that, you are in the wrong place.

Let me tell the reality behind my making money online is as above..............

Look the Internet is not the place where you can get instant money, but yes you can get long-lasting wealth from the internet.

A Quick and Instant tip for you

# People who provide Data entry job are mostly scams. Don’t waste your valuable time & money.
# There are no quick ways of earning money except for crime & scams. Stay far far away from both of them. If you really want to earn money wisely.
# If you are in on the spot need for money, then get a personal loan and do work hard to pay off the loan money as soon as possible.

You may just earn a lot of money online, if

  •  If you are passionate to learn a new and fresh skill (like- content writing, SEO, designing, web developing, video editing, etc.)
  •  You can also work on starting a profitable blog or website and then you can expect some income in 6-8 months as it is totally depending on your smart work.

12 Ways to Make Money Online in India 2020 ( Without Scam, No Investment )images
12 Ways to Make Money Online in India 2020 ( Without Scam, No Investment )images

The only things you need are an internet connection, laptop or computer, and less than Rs. 10,000 to start an online business to make money online.

The single way to get success in your life is to learn (a profitable skill that leads you to earn money quickly) and invest in your knowledge.

(Interrogate yourself, can you spend as minimum as $10 today for your learning? for a better future.)

If you are reading till now, means you are ready to work hard to make online money or income, right?

All 12 Proven ways to Make Money Online Guaranteed

Table of Contents below :

➤1. Freelancing Work
2. Stock Market Trading to Earn Instant Money
➤3. Become a Consultant
➤4. Earn Money Online from Videos of YouTube 
➤5. Make Money from Instagram, Facebook, Amazon 
➤6. Buy and Sell Domains for Money
➤7. Earn Cash from Writing Work
➤8. Start a Blog On Any Platform and Earn Money Online
➤9. Make Money from Affiliate Marketing
➤10. Quick Start an Product Startup
➤11. Make a Digital Store (Woo-Commerce, Shopify or Marketplaces)
➤12. Coaching Business

➤1. Freelancing Work

If you are good at programming or coding, designing or marketing then you can get a lot of paid online works in India as well as in other countries like UK, USA, etc. You just need to be calm and prepared to learn more.

To become a good freelancer you need to have at least to skills. First, one is your core skill, and the number second skill is marketing. You can take help from someone experienced to create your profile, In case if you are not good at marketing. The most important thing is you have to get excellent communication-skills to get clients to work for.
So that you can interact with them comfortably.

I have seen a few in-depth articles on the internet on how to earn money up to Rupees 5000 per article as a writer on Freelancing websites.

➤2. Stock Market Trading to Earn Instant Money

12 Ways to Make Money Online in India 2020 ( Without Scam, No Investment )-social media
12 Ways to Make Money Online in India 2020 ( Without Scam, No Investment )-social media

If want to be a freelancer then you don't need any money but In case you want to be a stock trader then you have to have some money to invest in the stock market.

By choosing the right stock and trade you can make instant money from the stock market if you are good at choosing the right stocks and you know how to pick the right stock.
You need to have a Demat or Trading Account to start Trading online for money.

Note: There are chances that you may lose your money in stock trading so my suggestion is to start trading with a lesser amount of money and spend more time learning the basics of stock market trading.

Tip: "Learn on intraday stock trading".
Read the lessons if you want to learn the basic formulas of stock trading to earn online money.

Discount brokers are always better in intraday trading as they charge a fixed brokerage amount up to Rs 20/trade instead of charging through trade volume.
In my opinion 3, the best discount brokers are Zerodha, Upstox, and 5paisa.

➤3. Become a Consultant

If you like to share advice and knowledge then you can do it to get money.
It's not like you need to be a super expert person to become a consultant or a teacher, you just need to be better than your client or student only.

I have got content marketing skills by working with a lot of platforms and startups. Sometimes I got succeed and sometimes I failed, with every failure I learned new things and something extra in content marketing.
Now the mob calls me an expert one on content marketing and now they are ok to pay me as much as 5000-6000 rupees per hour for my advice over on phone or skype.

I give my best opinions to them in making a content marketing plan. They get more work for their business by running better marketing campaigns with better advice.

Anyone who has those core competitive skills can start his/her business in consulting and can get clients online.
As an Example: if you are a legal or financial advisor, then you can make your blog or website, and start getting clients online for your business.

"You have a choice either you can monetize your skills that you have right now or you can learn more new skills that help you make money online."

Don’t even think to make quick money without having any skills.

I am repeating it again, It is completely possible to learn new skills online in a few months of dedicated mind and time.

Check outHow to get Instagram followers to earn money from home

➤4. Earn Money Online from Videos of YouTube

You must be not knowing that people are making millions of money from youtube.
Again, not an easy task, but very much effective for one who can make & upload videos Youtube on a particular topic.

Two types of people can make money from YouTube channels, one who makes funny & entertaining video clips, second who can make very helpful video clips for a particular niche (like players, students, housewives, tech geeks, mothers).

You can search through the internet for an in-depth guide on how to make or earn money from YouTube.
Where you can have examples of successful people who are making money on YouTube, See step by step process of creating a YouTube channel, how to market your channel and grow your channel in a short time, & which tools and methods you may need to make & promote your Youtube videos.

➤5. Make Money from Instagram, Facebook, Amazon

There are no limits on earning potential through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Hey, I am not joking. We have people out there who charge a fee of as much as 20,000 rupees for just a single tweet or just a single Facebook post.

12 Ways to Make Money Online in India 2020 ( Without Scam, No Investment )-social media
12 Ways to Make Money Online in India 2020 ( Without Scam, No Investment )-social media

Now blink your eyes, it’s true.

Here I am telling you some of the ways that I know perfectly, to earn money from Facebook. To promote or publicize my blog content on Facebook pages (not to confuse with Ads of Facebook) many times I paid money directly to admins of Facebook groups.

Social media fan following is an asset for that type of people, most people are in the entertainment field. People who all are related to the fashion and entertainment region can make their Instagram or Facebook page to post on.
You can just have a look at the fan base of Gabbar Singh,  BhakSala, and StoryPick, and you can just think how important asset those can be for any company who all are looking to advertise on such pages.

Learn different ways to earn money on Facebook.

➤6. Buy and Sell Domains for Money

12 Ways to Make Money Online in India 2020 ( Without Scam, No Investment )-Money and coins
12 Ways to Make Money Online in India 2020 ( Without Scam, No Investment )-Money and coins

You may do not know that but you can give your website on rent if you have good traffic on your website or blog. I had got to know this method of making online income when I was doing work with a client in the real estate sector. Instead of building a website from scratch, he rented a website from a person who already had the huge traffic on his website.

One of my friends was not interested in buying a website for him, so he asked me to get a blog on rent for a couple of months. He gathered the leads by showing his properties on that blog. He returned that blog back after he sold his real estate inventory piece.

Doesn't it sound interesting? Whole life we were thinking that only physical offices & houses or property can be given on rent.😋😋😋

If you have a good SEO score (Domain Authority) or if you have got a domain with a special name then you have another option to sell your domain.

Buffer, bought in $7.300,000 last year, which is my favorite social media scheduling company. In the same way, you can buy domains that are expired and sell at a higher price rate to those people who need that. Honestly, this business of domain trading is a bit tricky and you need to be an expert even to start this business, else, you may lose your money.

In case you are already having a domain and you are not using it then you can try to sell it on marketplaces like,,

Note: Presently I own 19 domains at this time. I just keep investing in the domains and a couple of months ago I sold one domain in $12,000 (around Rs. 8.88 lakh).
When you will start doing work on your online business then you will also be learning how to go and make money from the domain selling.

➤7. Earn Cash from Writing Work

I never had in my mind that I will become a writer. I just started a blog and started to write for it, I noticed a strong connection with the words.

Being honest, I was never that good at English and I'm still working to improve my grammar knowledge.
Most of my businesses are running base on my writing ability and skill.

"What I experienced is that to become good at any kind of work, formal education is not that important."

If you are thinking and like to write just start writing. There are plenty of people who are available to teach you writing good topics.

Believe me or not a lot of companies are looking for good writers but it seems very difficult to find writers who can write in a good way.
It can be you to be the next one. A good writer as mentioned earlier charges around 6,000 rs. to more than 20,000rs. per article.

If you are good at writing articles:

Then I am glad to tell you that this article can help you earn money online with your writing skills and techniques.

Note: If you see yourself as a good writer and you don't have any clients, then you can just send me a few samples of your work.
Here I am not promising any job but I can try my best to help you to get something best, based on your skills to make some money.

➤8. Start a Blog On Any Platform and Earn Money Online

You can make money online from your writing expertise in two different ways.

1. Start writing for someone and start making money immediately.
2. Write for your blog or website and slowly make money for the long term.

That is the dissimilarity between freelancing work and working for your own business. You can take your blog as your online business, yes it will take some extra time in comparison to your own physical business to build your audience.
But the best part is when your blog starts earning money, then it will keep making money online even when you are sleeping.

Also, you can join free courses to learn tactics of blogging.

12 Ways to Make Money Online in India 2020 ( Without Scam, No Investment )-Google Adsense
12 Ways to Make Money Online in India 2020 ( Without Scam, No Investment )-Google Adsense

You can make or create Google Ads by simple Google Adsense and earn money with Google Adsense. Whenever someone clicks on the ads you created you make money.

➤9. Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

If you want to start affiliate marketing then it is likely to run a retails shop. What you just need to do is to sign up with Amazon, Mintra, and Flipkart, and just promote the product you like on your blog or website or social media to make a good amount of money.

Here I am mentioning affiliate marketing as a different option because you can make it fitted with any kind of online business, like in some cases people who do not own any blog or any website but they are still making money from Affiliate Marketing.

In one of my posts, I listed favorite books so that interested people can buy books online and just linked it with Amazon Affiliate.

People bought books on the same day I posted and I earned money as a small affiliate commission. If people are going to the Amazon website by clicking the link you posted and they buy something then you get money.

12 Ways to Make Money Online in India 2020 ( Without Scam, No Investment )-earning report
12 Ways to Make Money Online in India 2020 ( Without Scam, No Investment )-earning report

You can also promote your Amazon Affiliate links too Social Media like Facebook Page and Facebook groups and write online product reviews on Quora LinkedIn & Medium.

I have gone through a few videos on how affiliate marketing works

➤10. Quick Start an Product Startup

This is the most profitable and smartest way of having an online business. I failed at my first startup and I got success at content marketing.
You even can not imagine how a startup can help in our growth if we are looking for an online business.

If you want customers to buy your product you have to work hard for that.
The complete process is to start a product company, hire a team, and selling the products is very interesting.

We have a big market out there in personal finance space, for that you need to start a blog or a company that facilitates people with loans who are having a low credit score, or you can also provide a nice credit limit to those who have a high credit score.

You can find a large number of such cases in the USA, India, and the UK and you can explore further.

➤11. Make a Digital Store (Woo-Commerce, Shopify or Marketplaces)

Everyone has some products in their mind to sell it on the web and online store.
It could be Clothes, Clay Items, Electronics, Designer Jewelry or Handkerchiefs, Kids' Toys, etc.

You can start with :

  • Endorse the Idea,
  • Then Setup the Store,
  • Procuring Products and
  • Finding Customers for Your Business.
  • Time for Action

The information I share is useless and it is gonna nothing for you unless you take the action. People are always afraid of failure and they think of other people and this way they don't start anything to work and earn money.

Step out of your house and you will see that you have completed half your work to achieve your goals to make money online.

I think you are smart enough to choose one of the ideas to start your online business to earn cash.
You can also pick any ideas like Bollywood, Politics, Jobs, Food, Education, Shopping, Fashion, Travel, Tech, Finance.
Choose whichever idea you like as I have shared a number of online business ideas for you to make some money online.

If you chose to invest in the stock market then must choose the best Demat broker in India or the country you are living in.

I am showing you if you want me to show you to start a website, carefully do keyword research, and save every single rupee ate every step of making money through your online business.

➤12. Coaching Business

If you are good at any specific field then you can use the internet to build your coaching business. This was something like an accident for me. As I created my blog and my brand, a number of people started reaching me out to know that how did I do that and how they can use the same trick on their business.

At the start of that, I started giving free tips as advice but eventually, I applied a little fee on it.

How much you can expect to earn is totally based on the niche you are working on. According to my research, I found that business coaches are charging as much as $240 per hour and if we talk about executive coaches are charging a fee of $335 per hour, on the other hand, the people are being charged by life coaches with the amount of $160-$170 per hour.

So in case you are an expert in any field then you can start giving coaching to people for money and you will surely be making money online.
Because you are giving you valuable time to those people so you deserve to get some money in return.

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